12% Boron + 0.15% Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)

Momentum Boron is a highly concentrated liquid fertiliser containing 12.15% Boron (B) which is aimed to promote high yields and ensure the best growth and development of horticultural and broadacre crops.

Benefits of Momentum Boron

  • Improves flowering and fruiting by promoting pollen germination and pollen tube elongation
  • Increases sugar movement within plants and transports them to actively growing regions such as developing fruits
  • Promotes plant growth and new cell development and also improves and maintains cell wall structure
  • Boron is essential for seed and fruit development and reduces the occurrence of poor seed set and fruit set
  • Aids in the use of nutrients and regulates other nutrients

The Importance of Boron

Boron is vital for flower production and pollination by improving pollen germination and fertilisation. Boron also greatly assists in the production and movement of sugars and carbohydrates which are essential for seed and fruit development.

Momentum Boron supplies a long-lasting supply of Boron for crucial stages where active root flushing has taken place.

The Importance of CPPA

CPPA is a group of organic acids which enhance various plant physiological functions such as nutrient absorption, shoot and root growth, germination and seedling emergence.

Physical Properties

pH: 6.46 – 7.14, Specific Gravity: 1.16 – 1.25 kg/L Analysis W/V%: 12.15% Boron, 0.15% Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)