Rooting Crop Strategy

Dual Chelate Technology provides the most efficient and economical approach to nutrient supply

The Missing Link

There are many factors in growing successful crops in Australian agriculture. Dual Chelate Fertilizer has introduced a comprehensive range of both liquid and dry products suitable for broadacre, horticulture, viticulture and turf. Every product contains the Dual Chelate Technology which will assist in providing the most efficient and economical approach to supply nutrients to your plant.

Amino Acids (AA)

Dual Chelates superior organic chelates and plant stimulate are Amino Acids. These are essential for binding nutritional elements required by plants so, they can become readily accepted by the plant. (Highest efficiency known to global science in plant nutrition). Only L - Amino Acids are assimilated by plants. These amino acids are utilized in our Transit liquid and soluble range.

Dual Chelate Fertilizer - Amino Acids

The life cycle of plants is subject to biotic and abiotic factors that generate stress and affect their importance in optimizing crop yields in stressful situations. This advanced technology is exclusive to Dual Chelate Fertilizer and is included in most products as shown in the table. Having unique and patent technology at different stages of plants life cycle contribute to the following;

  • Enhance plant resistance and recovery in stressful situations
  • Promote the bioavailability of nutrients by stimulating the recovery of physiological balance in order to assimilate nutrients
  • In addition, providing plant protection to combat attacks by pathogens by inducing local and systemic acquired resistance in the plant

Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)

Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acid, better known as CPPA is currently provided by Dual Chelate Fertilizer under Patent. CPPA contains a mixture of naturally occurring organic substances which are found in composted plant materials. A proprietary manufacturing process involves the use of concentrated organic substances derived from water which has leached through soils over many years.  These substances are widespread in natures’ soils, fresh and saltwater environments of decaying plant materials. Containing natural acids with tannins, growth regulators, stimulators and auxins, which can be well suited for use in any seed, bulb, rooted plant known to mankind.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements are the main inputs in fruit production. The highest demand period for most nutrients occurs bud burst to fruit maturity. Fertiliser application methods vary depending on the crop growth stages and crop removal methods including ferigation and foliar.

Dual Chelate Fertilizer product recommendation is only a guide, and usage varies depending on soil, tissue, sap test results and crop growth stage; therefore, please contact your local agronomist for fertiliser recommendations.

Pre Plant and Planting

Dual Grow Kick Off 8-15-3+TE10-40L/haIn Farrow
Dual Grow Vita Start10-40L/haIn Farrow
Dual Grow 12-17-010-40L/haIn Farrow
Dual Grow 11-14-1110-40L/haIn Farrow
Dual Grow 12-8-1.4 + TE10-40L/haIn Farrow
Dual Grow APP10-40L/haIn Farrow
Momentum ZnP5-10L/haIn Farrow
Momentum Zn5-10L/haIn Farrow
Momentum ZnMn5-10L/haIn Farrow
Momentum Tri Force3-7L/haIn Farrow
Dual Force Zn2-4Kg/haFoliar
Amino Boost Transit Max5-20L/haFoliar

Our CPPA with our naturally occurring L - Amino Acids, enzymatically plant-based extraction is defined by structures containing nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. These are the basic “building blocks” for proteins, enzymes, growth regulators, stimulators, auxins, cytokinin’s and gibberellins in most living mater, just to name a few. In basic terms, this means Dual Chelate Fertilizer has sourced the best global organic plant simulants for all Australian crops.

Nitrogen is the most essential nutrient in crop production. It is a component of many plant cell structural, genetic and metabolic compounds. Nitrogen affects both crop yield and quality. It is a significant component of chlorophyll — the green pigment in plants essential for photosynthesis (the process plants use to turn sunlight into energy, as carbohydrates).

1 Week Post Emergence

Transit Kelp2-5L/haFoliar
Amino Boost Transit Max5-10L/haFoliar
Transit ReLeaf0.25-0.5L/haFoliar
Dual Force (Zn+Mn+Cu)1-3Kg/haFoliar
Momentum ZnP5-10L/haFoliar
Momentum Tri Force3-5L/haFoliar
Transit Zn1-2Kg/haFoliar
Momentum Key Trace3-5Kg/haFoliar
Momentum Complete Trace5-10L/haFoliar
Transit Premium Trace1-2Kg/haFoliar
Activated N10-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Activated ANS 3910-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Activated AN10-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal Cal N20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal UniCal10-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal N MCB20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal Cal N B20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation

Phosphorus is necessary for cell division, plant growth and root and shoots development. It is also involved with photosynthesis, energy transfer and movement of carbohydrates within the plant. Phosphorus is generally applied at planting to be utilised in early growth.

Zinc is associated with the formation of chlorophyll. It is also involved in several enzyme systems and is essential for protein synthesis. Zinc also has a vital role in the functioning and biosynthesis of several hormones, including auxin, which regulates plant growth rate and development.

4 Weeks Post Emergence

Activated N20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K Trio10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K Cal10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow KB10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal Cal N20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal UniCal20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal N MCB20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Crystal Cal N B20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Transit Calcium2-6Kg/haFoliar
Transit Mg2-6Kg/haFoliar
Dual Force Ca2-3Kg/haFoliar
Dual Force Mg2-3Kg/haFoliar
Momentum Complete Trace5-7L/haFoliar
Momentum ZnMn5-7L/haFoliar
Transit Premium Trace2-6Kg/haFoliar

Boron is vital for the reproductive phase and is the most sensitive to crop deficiency, resulting in male sterility due to disrupted pollen formation. This causes a significant reduction in the number of fruit sets and, thus, a reduction in yield. This condition can only be diagnosed by either soil or plant analysis or yield responses to B fertilisation. Boron regulates flowering and fruiting, cell division, germination, and carbohydrate metabolisation.

The functions of calcium in the plant are associated with membrane maintenance, cell division and elongation, cell wall strength and integrity, protecting cells from toxins, cation/anion balance, and osmoregulation.

Flowering Tuber Initiation

Activated N20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K Cal10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K Trio10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow KB10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K10-40L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Force Ca2-3Kg/haFoliar
Dual Force Mg2-3Kg/haFoliar
Transit Calcium2-6Kg/haFoliar
Transit Mg2-6Kg/haFoliar
Momentum Key Trace3-5L/haFoliar

Magnesium is essential for forming chlorophyll and is the only mineral constituent of the chlorophyll molecule.

Potassium is a regulatory element controlling plant water status, activating many enzymes, and protecting crops against abiotic and biotic stress, especially in drought conditions. It also plays a crucial role in improving the firmness and quality of fruits and nuts.

Tuber Formation - Harvest

Activated N20-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K Cal10-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K Trio10-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow KB10-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Grow K10-50L/haFoliar/Fertigation
Dual Force Ca2-3Kg/haFoliar
Transit Calcium2-6Kg/haFoliar
Momentum Key Trace3-5L/haFoliar

Our Advantage

Dual Chelate Fertilizers are used with the highest efficiency known to global science in plant nutrition
Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acid, better known as CPPA, is provided by Dual Chelate Fertilizer under patent and is used in most liquid formulations
Dual Force IDHA chelates are synthetically produced and readily biodegradable chelates not of organic origin
Dual Force IDHA chelates are mostly recommended for foliar application and fertigation products consumed directly
Dual Chelates superior organic chelates and plant stimulate are Amino Acids