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Plant Tissue, Soil Tests & Fertiliser Recommendations

Soil is the most important asset of any farming system, and we are committed to help our clients to maintain good soil health and fertility. This ensures the sustainability of the cropping enterprise. Our technical agronomic advice is based on soil and plant testing of a high standard and accepted science.

As an essential part of our fertiliser recommendations, we provide free plant tissue and soil analytical services within our laboratories along with technical reports for our clients.  Our highly skilled and experienced Agronomists evaluate the biological, physical and chemical properties of soil and crop performance using these analytical tools. We keep records and evaluate changes in soil fertility over time. We fine-tune plant nutrition programs based on our regular plant tissue monitoring tests.

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Remote Sensing & Whole Farm Monitoring

As a part of our technical agronomic services we use remote sensing tools such as drone technology and satellite data for generating NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) and NDRE (Normalised Difference Red Edge). With these tools we collect high resolution crop performance images and data across farms for better crop management decisions, including fertiliser recommendations (particularly nitrogen use, and water management). This service is provided for every one of our valued customers as an essential part of our crop nutrition program.

On Time Delivery With Our Own Transport Fleet

We understand how critical timely delivery of fertilisers to your farm can be. We take full responsibility for the delivery of our high-quality fertilisers to your farm gate on time, freeing you to deal with other pressures. In addition to our own fleet of transportation, our logistics division has agreements with national and interstate transport companies to ensure timely delivery of our products to you wherever you may be.

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Crop Health Monitoring

Our technical Agronomic Services team offers crop health monitoring services. These services are recognised as on-farm assessment and direct knowledge sharing systems. Our Agronomists visit farms to assess for overall crop performance, nutrient deficiencies, water stress, pest and disease pressure, and weed pressure. They can also assess soil health parameters including soil physical characteristics, soil pH, soil compaction, soil moisture and problematic soil conditions such as salinity/sodicity. We use crop health monitoring records to fine-tune specific nutrition programs and to provide specific crop management recommendations.

NDVI Aerial Diagnostics

Our technical support team and agronomists have a high level of experience and skill in operating drones to map farms with aerial photography. These technologies are used to maximise yield across the farm by regularly monitoring crop performance, particularly in the best and worst performing areas.