10% Amino Acid, 6% Kelp, 4% Fulvic Acid,1.5% Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)

Amino Boost Transit Max is a premium quality plant bio stimulant which assists in increasing yields, boosting nutrient uptake and translocation whilst also positively impacting root growth and development in many crops.

Benefits of Amino Boost Transit Max

  • Increases the absorption and uptake of nutrients
  • Assists the plant in coping with adverse weather conditions
  • Builds plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress
  • Manages the transportation of nutrients within the plant structure
  • Creates photosynthesis and energy for plant growth
  • Plant friendly natural bio stimulant ideal for any plant, seed, bulb, root.

The Importance of Amino Acids

Organically derived L - amino acids promote the bioavailability of nutrients to the plant, enhance plant resistance and recovery to stresses and provide physiological balance.

The Importance of Kelp

Kelp (Var. Laminaria) has a unique cytokinin ratio which is beneficial for increased root stimulation and soil microbe sustainability.

The Importance of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid assists in breaking down complex nutrients into beneficial forms for plant absorption. Fulvic acid acts as a natural chelating agent.

The Importance of CPPA

CPPA is a group of organic acids which enhance various plant physiological functions such as nutrient absorption, shoot and root growth, germination and seedling emergence.

Physical Properties

pH: 5.9-6.5, Specific Gravity: 0.96-1.06 kg/L Analysis W/V%: 9.96% Amino Acids, 6.12% Kelp, 3.98% Fulvic Acid, 1.56% Patented Organic Activators (CPPA), 1.42% N (Amino Acid Nitrogen)