NPKS: 17-7-14-5 + TE
+ Boron, Magnesium, EDTA-B, EDTA-Fe, EDTA Mn, EDTA-Cu, EDTA-Zn, EDTA-Mo
+ Humic acid coating

A multi element fertiliser consisting of NPKS and other key macro and micro nutrients with active molecules for better nutrient availability.

Benefits of Blue Diamond

  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus promote new cell development and assist in energy transport
  • The form of phosphorus allows for better nutrient utilization and absorption during the season
  • Potassium aids in the translocation of plant nutrients, water and other substances within the plant
  • Sulphur aids in protein synthesis and Nitrogen use efficiency
  • Replenishes nutrients lost at harvest and encourages strong bud development for the following season

The Importance of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient, which all plants require for proper growth. It is an important constituent of the chlorophyll molecule, nucleic acids, and proteins.

The Role of Phosphorus and Potassium

Phosphorus is incorporated into many organic compounds such as DNA, proteins, lipids, and enzymes. These organic compounds assist in energy transfer, nutrient uptake, and transport.

Potassium acts as a regulatory element controlling plant water status and activation of many enzymes. Potassium also plays a role in improving abiotic stress resistance.

Benefits of Micronutrients

Mo and Cu directly influence nitrogen fixation. Mo & Cu participate in nitrogen metabolism by using free nitrates within the plant system and thereby minimize N-fertiliser requirements. Zinc and Molybdenum both play roles in promoting plant growth by assisting in nitrogen fixation and synthesizing of various plant growth hormones such as ABA and IAA.

Physical Properties

pH: N/A, Specific Gravity: N/A, Analysis W/V%: 17.02% N, 7.42% P, 14.12% K, 5.72% S,0.02% B +
Mg, EDTA-B, EDTA-Fe, EDTA Mn, EDTA-Cu, EDTA-Zn, EDTA-Mo + Humic acid coating