NPKS 0 – 0 – 0 – 11 + 4% Magnesium

A premium product with a combination of chelated Magnesium and Sulphur, which is highly beneficial in photosynthesis and cell respiration through improved chlorophyll production.

Benefits of Crystal Evo Mg

  • Magnesium is the center element for the chlorophyll molecule and plays an integral role in the bio-synthesis of chlorophyll
  • Magnesium is important for specific enzyme functions and is a cofactor for many proteins involved in energy transfer such as ATPase.
  • Magnesium has a key role in phosphorus transportation.
  • Magnesium is involved in regulating cellular pH by moderating the cation/anion balance and carbohydrate partitioning.
  • Sulphur facilitates the Nitrogen fixation in legume root nodules

The Importance of Magnesium

Magnesium is a multi-functional element mainly utilized in the production of chlorophyll and hence improves the photosynthetic capacity of plants.
Magnesium also increases the strength and integrity of both cell walls and cell membranes by binding macromolecules such as pectin together via crosslinks to create magnesium pectate.

The Role of Sulphur

Sulphur is an essential macronutrient for the production of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, vitamins and chlorophyll in plants. Sulphur plays a crucial role in photosynthesis and crop winter hardiness. Also, Sulphur is an essential element for the efficient Nitrogen fixation in legume root nodules.

Physical Properties

pH: 5.76-6.54, Specific Gravity: 1.01-1.11 Analysis W/V%: 4.12% Magnesium, 10.86% Sulphur + Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)