10% Ca (Chelated with 100% biodegradable IDHA chelate)

New patented IDHA chelate technology which is the only environmentally-friendly, synthetically produced chelate on the market.

Dual Force Ca is a 100% biodegradable IDHA chelated product which highly beneficial for strong cell wall formation, improving cell structure, promoting cell division and increasing fruit set.

Benefits of Dual Force Ca

  • Fast and efficient uptake of Ca through microgranular non-hygroscopic technology and superior solubility
  • Calcium improves the structural integrity of cell walls through calcium pectate. This decreases potential cell wall damage by pests
  • IDHA chelate is a state-of-the-art chelation technology which is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly for plants and humans
  • Increases pollen germination and pollen tube growth by driving pollen tube growth and elongation which improves fruit set

The Importance of Calcium

Calcium assists in maintaining the structural integrity of plant cell walls which increases plant resilience towards mechanical, abiotic and biotic stress.

Calcium also plays a key role in fruit production by increasing fruit firmness, ensuring uniform fruit sizing and ripening and also assists in lengthening produce shelf life after harvesting.

Benefits of IDHA Chelate

IDHA (Iminodisuccinic acid) is a new patented biodegradable chelating agent which is highly soluble and improves nutrient uptake compared to other traditional chelating agents.

It is a fully biodegradable chelating agent making it the only environmentally-friendly synthetically produced chelate on the market and leaves zero residue.

Physical Properties

pH: @1% solution: 8.5±1.0, bulk density: 0.90±0.1g/cm3, Analysis W/W%: 10% Ca (100% IDHA Chelated) Iminodisuccinic acid.