NPKS: 12-17-0-1

+ 0.49% Boron, 2.10% Zinc, 0.4% Molybdenum

+ Patented Organic Activators (CPPA) and Amino Acids

A plant-available liquid Nitrogen & Phosphorus fertilizer with Sulphur, Boron and Molybdenum. Used throughout season and post-harvest.

Benefits of Dual Grow 12-17-0 Plus BZnMo

  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus promotes new cell development and assists in energy transport
  • Supports pollen tube elongation which improves fertilization and yields
  • The form of phosphorus allows for better nutrient utilization and absorption during the season
  • CPPA (Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acid) is a group of organic acids which enhance various plant physiological functions such as nutrient absorption, shoot, and root growth, germination, and seedling emergence

The Importance of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient, which all plants require for proper growth. It is an important constituent of the chlorophyll molecule, nucleic acids, and proteins.

The Role of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is incorporated into many organic compounds such as DNA, proteins, lipids, and enzymes. These organic compounds assist in energy transfer, nutrient uptake, and transport.

The Importance Boron

Boron is vital for flower production and pollination by improving pollen germination and fertilization. Boron also assists in sugar movement.

The Role of Molybdenum and Zinc

Mo and Zn and two important micronutrients that optimize plant growth and assist in processes such as nitrogen fixation (Mo), enzyme activation and auxin production (Zn).

Physical Properties

pH: 5.76-6.35, Specific Gravity: 1.24-1.37, Analysis W/V%: 11.80% N, 16.90% P, 1.11% S, 0.49% B, 2.10% Zn, 0.4% Mo +Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)