6.58% Total Iron (EDDHSA Chelated), 4.8% Ortho-Ortho

Effective treatment for Iron deficiency in commercial crop situations where immediate corrective actions are required. Effective in a wide range of soil pH resulting more plant available Iron.

Benefits of EDDHSA Chelate Iron

  • An advanced new generation formulation to supply plant available Iron via the root system. Researches have shown that EDDHSA Chelated Iron is more effective compared to most of the traditional Iron formulations.
  • Iron is essential micronutrient in chlorophyll formation and plant metabolic processes
  • Involves in photosynthesis, respiration and enzymatic activities in the plant
  • Aids in oxygen transportation throughout the plant system
  • Involves in symbiotic Nitrogen fixation in legumes root nodules

The Importance of Iron

Iron is an essential micronutrient mainly involve in chlorophyll production, respiration and plant metabolic processes such as DNA synthesis and therefore affects the plant growth and development.

Iron also plays a vital role in maintaining the chloroplast and its function as well as synthesis of essential plant enzymes such as cytochrome.

EDDHSA Iron is stable over a wide range of soil and chemical pH and provides steadier and readily available Iron supply for commercial crops

Physical Properties

Bulk density: N/A, Analysis W/W%: 6.58% Total Iron (EDDHSA Chelated), 4.8% Ortho-Ortho.