6% Nitrogen, 1% Potassium, 5% Magnesium, 0.5% Boron, 2% Zinc, 0.25% Molybdenum
+ Organic Activators

A multi elemental fertiliser consisting of readily available macro and micro nutrients designed to promote plant vegetative and reproductive growth.

Benefits of Momentum Mega Sprint

  • Increases plant development and vigour whilst encouraging greener growth and larger yields.
  • Enhances plant growth and development through various enzymatic reactions and better fruit setting and retention
  • Promotes flower fertility and efficient flower to fruiting conversion ratios
  • Aids in many crucial plant metabolism processes such as photosynthesis & respiration
  • Replenishes nutrients lost at harvest and encourages strong bud development for the following season

The Importance of Micro and Macronutrients

Momentum Mega Sprint is consisted of macro and micro elements including B, Mo and Zn. Nitrogen is essential for the plant growth and development and is a major component of the chlorophyll molecule required for plant available energy.

Being the core elements of chlorophyll molecules, Mg along with the participation of Zn and Mo determine the production of chlorophyll molecules and the rate of photosynthesis assisting with incremental yield.

Boron is vital for flower production and pollination by improving pollen germination and fertilisation. B & Mo directly influence nitrogen fixation and plant nitrogen metabolism.

Physical Properties

pH: 4.21, Specific Gravity: 1.3275, Analysis W/V%: 6% N, 1% K, 5% Mg, 0.5% B, 2% Zn, 0.25% Mo + Organic Activators