8.2% Soluble Kelp Extract

Premium quality plant bio stimulant extracted from the variety Laminaria japonica to reduce wide range of plant stresses during critical growth stages such as flowering, fruit set, sizing, and colour development.

Benefits of Transit Kelp

  • Reduces plant stress and improves stress tolerance in plants.
  • Promotes uptake of nutrients with the help of chelating agents and plant growth regulators
  • Promotes the productivity through enhanced fruiting and their sizing
  • Assists in maximizing the potential growth and productivity in plants

The Role of Kelp

Kelp is a large, brown seaweed that grows in nutrient rich shallow salt water. It contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, polyphonic compounds, chelating agents such as alginic acids, amino acids, and mannitol sugar. The polysaccharides (e.g., alginic acids) contribute to gel formation, water retention and aeration in soil. The polyanionic compounds contribute to the fixation and exchange of cations -important for soil remediation.

Kelp being a natural source of cytokinin, auxins, abscisic acid, gibberellins and other classes of hormone-like compounds. Kelp has several benefits such improved seed germination, early plant establishment and enhanced growth and development.

Physical Properties

pH @ 1% solution: 10.12, Bulk Density: 1.0 Analysis W/W%: 8.2% Kelp