5.31% Potassium +2.08% Nitrogen (Amino Acid derived)

A combination of chelated Potassium and Nitrogen (amino acid derived), which are highly beneficial in fruit quality, shelf life and plant disease resistance.

Benefits of Transit Potassium

  • Regulates enzyme activation, water use efficiency (stomata control), starch formation and protein synthesis
  • Potassium protects crops against abiotic and biotic stress factors, especially in drought conditions
  • Improves firmness and quality of fruit
  • Promotes the activation of certain biochemical enzymes which are responsible for ATP synthesis
  • Potassium involves in translocation of plant nutrients, water and other substances within the plant

The Importance of Potassium

Potassium acts as a regulatory element controlling plant water status and activation of many enzymes. Potassium also plays a role in improving abiotic stress resistance.

The Role of Amino Acids

Organically derived L-amino acids promote the bioavailability of nutrients to the plant, enhance plant resistance and recovery to stresses and provide physiological balance.

Physical Properties

pH: 7.62-8.43, Specific Gravity: 1.07-1.19, Analysis W/V%: 5.31% Potassium, 2.08% Nitrogen (Amino Acid derived)