NPKS 7 – 0 – 16 – 0

+42% Amino Acids, 16% Silicate

+1.56% Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)

Transit Silicate is a is a concentrated amino acid potassium silicate liquid fertiliser designed to toughen plant cell walls, increase stress resistance and improve the regulation of plant processes.

Benefits of Transit Silicate

  • Promotes the strengthening of plant cell walls which produced stronger and thicker stems.
  • Assists in improving resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases and also abiotic stress as heat, frost, salinity and aluminum toxicity.
  • Potassium controls stomatal functioning which helps reduces transpiration loss of water
  • Increased nutrient uptake and translocation of other elements through Patented Organic Activators (CPPA)
  • Organically derived Amino Acids naturally chelate nutrients and improves physiological processes
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The Role of Silicon

Silicon increases the growth and yield of all crops through increasing cell strength, improving pest and disease resistance, alleviating abiotic stress such as drought, salt and elemental toxicity stress.

The Importance of Potassium

Potassium acts as a regulatory element controlling plant water status and activation of many enzymes. Potassium also plays a role in improving abiotic stress resistance.

The Benefits of Amino Acids

Organically derived L - amino acids promote the bioavailability of nutrients to the plant, enhance plant resistance and recovery to stresses and provide physiological balance.

The Importance of CPPA

CPPA is a group of organic acids which enhance various plant physiological functions such as nutrient absorption, shoot and root growth, germination and seedling emergence.

Physical Properties

pH: 6.34-7.03, Specific Gravity: 1.10-1.22kg/L, Analysis W/V%: 42.01% Amino Acids, 31.82% Potassium Silicate, 16.13% Potassium (as Potassium Silicate), 15.69% Silicon (as Silicate), 6.72% Nitrogen (Amino Acid derived), 1.56% Patented Organic Activators (CPPA).